Creating a Better Food System

Incline Growth is a community supported farm; a partnership between the farmers and the customers. Through this partnership we can work together to create a food system that works for everyone. Our customers know where their food comes from and who grows their food. They have a direct relationship with the farmers and the land. Our customers trust us to farm in a regenerative way and to produce the freshest and highest quality food possible at a fair price. We have a guaranteed market for our products and we receive a fair price.

This allows us to pay better wages to people working on the farm, use regenerative farming practices, raise our livestock humanely, and to share our farming knowledge with other farmers. We want our farm to be here for our customers for generations to come.

The customer/farmer partnership reduces waste in the food system. We only grow what our customers need. We can deliver tomatoes and potatoes of all sizes instead of the perfectly round tomato and potatoes all of the same size. All our CSA distribution sites are connected to a food pantry or food bank. All produce that remains at the end of a pick up is donated in order to provide access to fresh produce to all member of the community.

Certified Organic Vegetables

All our produce is grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We are certified organic and we are also pilot farm for the Real Organic Project. An additional label to let customers know we are a committed to soil grown-food and to caring for the soil we depend on to sustain us.

Almost all of the vegetables are started from seed on the farm either in the field or in one of our greenhouses. The land is fertilized with aged compost and green manure crops. A very carefully planned rotation allows fields to be taken out of production to build soil fertility. This means we cultivate twice as many acres as needed for vegetable crop production. The result is that we have very low incidences of pests and diseases. We believe that soil health is the basis for sound farming.


Farming Practices

We use regenerative farming practices to care for our soil, one of our most important resources. We use compost, timed tillage, crop rotation, and a wide array of cover crops to keep our soil healthy.


Are your products certified organic?

All of the vegetables in the regular season share and the winter share are certified organic.

How does the CSA program work?

Members sign up for a share in January or February before the season starts. Members can pay all at once or pay a deposit and the remaining balance in 3 payments. This advance payment gives us the peace of mind that the vegetables we are growing have a home to go to.

The CSA shares start in June and run for 24 weeks until Thanksgiving. The winter share is once a month in December, January, and February.

All of the CSA sites are run by member volunteers and are in people's garages or in schools, churches, synagogues, or day cares. We ask that each member volunteer at their CSA site for 3 to 4 hours each season to help make the distribution run smoothly. This helps keep the distribution costs of your share to a minimum and the share price more affordable.

Do you have more than one size share?

Yes, we have two share sizes. A Full Share is enough for a family of 4 with 10 to 12 items each week. Full Shares are distributed “market style”. You follow a list of items in the share and pick out which bunch of beets, which tomatoes, etc that you would like.

A Small Share is enough for 1 or 2 people with 5 to 8 items each week. A Small Share comes pre-boxed for your convenience - you just have to bring a bag to grab your items from one box.

What if I don't like a vegetable?

All the vegetables left at the end of a CSA distribution are donated to a food pantry. If you don't like a vegetable you can leave it to be donated to the food pantry. Or you can chat with another member to see if they are willing to trade with you. Please only take what is on the share list as we carefully count and measure each item so all members get the whole share.

Can I visit the farm?

Please! All members are welcome to visit the farm. We grow a cut flower bed so you can take home a bouquet of flowers.


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